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I know it's not a typical idea, but our 8 year old loves the idea so I included it for this year.

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8-Year-Old Birthday Gifts. If you want a special gift for a girl on her birthday or another special occasion, you've come to the right place. Our collection of gift ideas for 8-year-old girls includes plenty of options that have each been selected based on real customer feedback.
Currently, the best 8 year old girl gift is the Crayola Inspiration. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest 8 year old girl gifts since Currently, the best 8 year old girl gift is the Crayola Inspiration. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest 8 year old girl gifts since
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Oct 19,  · Gifts for 8-year-old girls - Most kids enjoy crafts, dress-up, and play activities from dolls to soccer. An eight-year-old still enjoys dress-up clothes. Trends Among Eight-Year-Olds. Over the last few years, I've been watching what the kids play with at school for gift ideas%(39).

That is one of the last things I would give a 8 year old boy, let alone a girl. But, that's just my opinion. Here are a few things you might want to consider adding that our 8 year old likes: This list is perfect! I was trying to come up with some last minute fillers for under the tree and got some great ideas here. She will be so excited about Illustory. It's like you wrote this list for her! I love this article.

Everything addressed is true. My daughters are older now yet, they still love all of the items listed. Thanks for your ideas Paul! I'm sure my 14 daughters will love stuff like this! What about my 12 nephews? Please tell me what to get for boys!: The itouch does still seem like the top gift, although I'm considering getting our 8 year-old daughter an iPad so it's not quite as easy for her to take it with her, but a bit better for reading digital books.

The year before it was all about the Nintendo DS which was also not cheap- this year they have no big gift requests because they are still all about their ipods, I was amazed that it has held their attention this long honestly but very happy, money well spent! Since my daughter is turning 8 this year, I updated it with some of the ideas on her gift list For my 8 year old granddaughter I bought one of those hat boxes that have all kinds of areas to store jewelry and it has a layer inside.

Actually, it wasn't a hat box, but like a vintage train case look with flowers on it. You find them everywhere for photos and stuff like that.

Well anyway, I filled it with all kinds of fun jewelry, lipgloss, note pads, a feather pen, candy, compact mirror, brush, amything i could fit in. She ABsolutely loved it! I am 8 and almost 9 and what I really really want is a phone. But, I, personally don't think that I am ready for an iPhone. I don't want an iPod touch because Santa gave an ipad to the whole family for christmas this year.

What kind of phone do you think I should have? I am turning nine, and I got a camra for christmas and i have my B-day list and this is some things that i really want.

Phone, laptop knee high converse clothes north face sweat shirt visa card 3D DS a kitten and pillow pets and there are others too and thank you all for more ideas: I can't believe how fast technology is catching up, younger and younger technology is influencing kids.

Eight is a little young to ask for anything like an iPod. I think you should go for experience ver material presents. Take her to the aquarium or the zoo.

Let her bring a friend. Take her ice skating for the very first time. I don't have children but I have my friends kids I enjoy spoiling. If I give them jewelry, it's most likely a tangled mess on the floor or a game they will never play. So, this year I gave a kid what they love Yep, 15 large boxes you can get at the Dollar Store, what better idea, it's the perfect gift that will make them happy, it'll fit and make it Get some leave then pack and go on vacation with your kids!

A beach moment, nature tripping perhaps, name it! They will surely love not just the idea of having a grand vacation but the thought that you make an effort to spend the days with them!

That's a priceless gift I guess! Billy, If they have access to a computer, you can skype with them to talk and see video. That might be a better gift than a prepaid mobile phone. Although, if my grandkids didn't have the ability to call me from a home or parents phone then I would get them something.

One of the best gifts is talking and spending time with young kids. I have a year old granddaughters, I want to buy them a cell phone with pre paid min so they can call once a month. Is this a good gift to send? I would hold off on Ipods, etc.

A pony is a tall order for some parents in these days of recession and if you live in a city but how about a little girl manicure at a local nail salon. They do some beautiful nail art with gems and air brushing. Your 8 year old girl will love it! You know, leasing a horse is always an option. Some people even own part of a horse: There are options out there and I'm still vying for a pony, lol! Thank you Paul for the ideas. I always know what my sons likebut not so much for daughter.

This is a graet guide. Hey you inspired me, we went out and bought twister for my 8 year old for Christmas - what a great idea, fun for us all even my 4 year old daughter has been playing, though she can barely reach!

Eight year old boys are hard too - whereas yeah, my 4-year-old girl? Some nice ideas here though, thanks. Girls have different preference when it comes to toys and other stuff. But I like your selections, maybe I'll consider some of those to give to my relatives. I have an 8 year old in my life. Her interests are hard to keep up with. Right now she is very much into her dolls and doll houses. Out of the blue she wanted a camera.

Its interesting what will end up under the tree. Thank you for your creative selections and ideas. We have an eight year old girl too and I am always looking for good gift ideas. Last year we made her a book dedicated to Knock Knock jokes because she was always trying to invent them. She carried the book around and laughed for days. It took a lot of our research to find really good jokes but we found a lot of them. It has video and camera attributesgood for their 8-some adventures! I have been trying to find a gift for the neighbour girl.

This hub helps me a lot. I have an 8 year old daughter myself, so this one caught my eye! Well, one of these days. In the mean time, she was content with a great PC game where you learn all aspects of horse care, breeding, competition, riding, etc. It's called Petz Horsez It also enhances her computer skills! Great hub, great pictures!

It's so hard to believe you are considering an iPod for this age. Get her things basketball, soccer, active games to encourage activity- and take her horseback riding with friends.

Postpone the time when she's exposed to personal electroninc devices. Had to read this hub of yours and your daughter is so cute. I have a 7 year old daughter and I would say that she is into the whole craft thing, so the book idea is great!

I have a daughter turning seven so I know the pains you are going through. This was a wonderful post full of ideas and thought provking,like money or the phone we bought are daughter a cheap digital camera last year and it is cool to see the world through there eyes. When i was 8, i was interested in stuffed animals and crafts. I think an i touch is a little to much for someone so young. Maybe start her off with a ipod nano or something.

Its an ipod but doesn't get access to the internet so it would be a great start off to an older more mature gift. I would get her the soccerball. An iPod touch would have to be regulated to ensure an 8 year old's internet safety. These are really great ideas for 8 year old girl but I think giving teddybear or choclates also a good gift.

Some nice gift ideas for 8 year old girls - it is amazing the things they ask for sometimes! Girls and horses go together whether in the city or out in the country. Why not riding lessons? Klutz kits can also be a winner with the 8 and overcrowd. Why not an inexpensive camera sans the phone.

Thankfully it doesn't cost to develop all those out of focus snap shots of the cat. Hi thank you so much for sharing this hub. Myb children are now all grown up but there's the grandchildren now and Their tastes have changed so much since their mums and dads were this age. One point is certain wherever we live in that sport products are advertised more with boys in mind!! I am sure that many will benefit from reading this and I am handing it on to my families. I've been around Hubpages writing poetry for two years.

I have four grown daughters and never knew what to get them I was always wrong and totally gave up and let my wife make all the decisions.

This was before the internet entered my life. I am only now interested in how to write a hub that sells something. Yours is easy reading and a good template for me as to what to do. Thanks for a nice hub. These days it must be really hard to get the right balance but you wrote an excellent hub.

Money, or possessions cannot replace what you are experiencing. I know you are enjoying the process. Since they love to experiment, often highlighting the value of the trial and error method, they slowly begin to form conceptualizations on the what-if phenomenon. This helps them make predictions about possible outcomes for every bit of solution that they can come up with.

This forms the basis for the formulation of their expectations. They can then test whether their expectations and their predictions were met by the solutions that they have planned. Their creativity is best expressed through dance especially when performed together with friends and in front of an audience.

Popular music is already a great part of their lives. Add to this their increased fascination for colors, textures, and patterns, and their creativity can reach new heights. Their creativity is always coupled with experimentation with a lot of different elements. Based on these, it is therefore very important to choose toys or even gift items that help them develop, enhance, strengthen, reinforce, or even improve these developmental skills and milestones.

They need to be able to express their creativity in more constructive and more positive ways. They also need to be provided with toys that can help further hone their cognitive skills especially in the development of divergent problem solving and counterfactual reasoning. It is also crucial to give them toys that will make them use the physical energy in their bodies. Lots of crafts and drawing. They also enjoy playing with dolls and dollhouses, baking treats, having tea parties and riding their bikes and scooters.

Her toys should be fun of course, but also safe, stimulating and age-appropriate. A few things to keep in mind when buying her a nice toy is: Try not to buy toys that do too much for a kid. Simpler toys like blocks allow children to be creative and spontaneous. The best way to encourage a behavior is to model it.

Try to encourage participation in activities by showing her why they are good. And never underestimate the power of peer pressure. Having friends that engage in similar activities can also encourage activity. A thin Barbie or any other thin doll creates body shape dissatisfaction for young girls.

Girls exposed to extremely thin dolls causes them to have lower body esteem. Young girls who are exposed too early to a thin doll gives them an unrealistic thin body image that contributes to an increased risk of eating disorders in their future. To read more about this study, the full article can be purchased online. It is tempting to allow our kids to watch T. But watching too much television increases obesity and reduces mental activity.

There are other activities that young girls can do that encourages them to be more active, especially during bad weather. They can craft, paint, draw, and even put a Lego project together. Some girls appear to be mean girls, while other girls appear to be mellow. This is an example of relational aggression. It is common in young girls because they are trying to understand appropriate social skills.

However, relational aggression is supposed to subside as she learns how to behave. But making sure she is practicing good social skills with the help of toys is a different approach. Little 8-year-old girls can practice good social skills by playing games with other kids her age. She can engage with others by participating in a group project like painting, drawing and building toys together. However, these types of toys are considered passive learning styles because they do not help a young girl become physically engaged.

They can gain weight because they are inactive while playing or they suffer from hearing loss due to loud electronic toys. Toys that only require a child to not do anything but watch can interfere with children to think independently.

We live in an electronic age, and assuming that anyone can keep a kid away from a computer is farfetched. But what we can do is help them learn how to healthily live around a pc and other electronics. A good step one is to purchase video games and electronics that are age appropriate. A great step two is to limit screen time to hours per day. Best parenting blogs Best kid focused blogs our favorite store for toys: Spirograph Tin Set 4.

American Girl Crafting 4. Spirograph Design Tin Set. American Girl Ultimate Crafting Kit. Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry. Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal. Darice Piece Deluxe Art Set. Klutz Make Clay Charms Kit. Razor A3 Kick Scooter. Fingerlings Baby Unicorn — Gemma. Pros Vibrant colors to draw with The chalktrail is sturdy and wont break or fall off if you ride over a bump First piece of chalk is included The chalk makes visible lines Cons The chalk runs out quickly and easily.

What We Like About It. The kit was originally developed as a drafting tool. While they play they will start to notice patterns, and their math intuition will start to develop.

Without realizing it, kids are learning mathematical concepts. Pros This kit is travel-friendly, kids can take it just about anywhere. Comes with a page guide book, a design pad with 2 starter pens, and several different sized gears.

Can keep kids busy for hours with the many colors and designs Will introduce your child to working with his passion, if that is art Cons The entire kit is a lot smaller than most consumers expected Wheels are not likely to stay in place. This amazing gift encourages creativity and self-expression along with hand-eye coordination. She can create dozens of designs and let her imagination soar.

Once done crafting, she can gift her creations to friends and family. Pros Fun to play alone or with a group. Develops dexterity and creativity. Can create hours of fun. Comes with a design guide. Tiny beads can be harmful if swallowed or put in noses. Pros Easy to understand gameplay Five different ways to play Helps develop focus and recognition skills Promotes social bonding and healthy competition Easy to travel with Cons Cards are on the thin side so you may wind up with some damage.

Sketch Markers can be used by anyone from little girls and college students to teachers and the elderly. These non-toxic markers are completely safe to use. Unlike most markers, these have no chance to cause asphyxiation. Not only that, it will last twice as long as competitors thanks to additional ink and a specially reinforced tip. And don't forget that the scent is gentle compared to other odiferous pens so it won't hurt sensitive noses.

Certified Non-toxic Has twice the ink compared to other brands. Sturdy tip helps keep its shape for months. Bright and vibrant colors to work with The ink to label the color stay on the markers well Cons The scent lasts for a few hours after applying the ink onto paper. Cannot be used on whiteboard. She can use her creations to accessorize her wardrobe or gift to friends and family.

She can also learn how to instruct others by teaching them how to use the looms. Pros Can make 22 beautiful bracelets. Comes with an instruction book and a neat carrying case.

The jewelry holds together really well Beads ate durable and good sized Teaches the kids how to craft bracelets on their own Cons Pieces can be easily lost.

Pros Easy way to make notes, small pictures Bright, neon colors concealed beneath the black matte finish Comes with stylus, but the finish is made to be scratched away with relative ease Helps improve literacy and art skills Cons Each note can only be used once, not erasable or reusable.

Pros BPA-free water bottle is simple and built to last Easy to use screw-in top Includes five vibrant colors to get her started with her coloring and design Also includes twenty adhesive gemstones for extra flair Great for birthday parties or sleepovers Cons Is designed for coloring in, not so much for creating her own drawings. The art of crochet has never gone out of style. This wonderful bonding experience is perfect to share with your little one.

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20 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls in Being eight years old is both exhilarating and exhausting. Kids have exited their younger years and are starting to develop their own very distinct likes, dislikes, and opinions.5/5. Watch 8 Year Xxx Sex Girls porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more 8 Year Xxx Sex Girls scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. Similar searches anal pov 10years girl stepped dad on roadtrip 8year girl the last of us sarah young black teen anal with how and huge black dicks 14 yar son and sister big dick son sister stepmom and son 10year boy 15 yars old teen small young gir 5year girl loli stuck 15year girl 18 year girl big dick girl very very small girl little girls